Green Power Innovations

Our long-term target

We are fully committed to the global net-zero target. In the contemporary world, energy is the core of everything. The green energy production is essential for economic development. Renewable electricity is the future. Our team, composed of experts of various profiles, strives to increase the efficiency of existing production and transport systems of renewable energy sources by using modern technologies, materials, scientific methodologies and optimizing R&D and business processes.

Problem we solve

Innovative solutions

We solve highly technical problems related to the most relevant challenges in the production and processing of renewable energy.

We are working on advanced power electronic hardware design and implementation of control algorithms on advanced microcontrollers for high-power applications.


The dream of every engineer is to create his own laboratory, his creative place. For us at Green Power Innovations it’s not just a dream, we make it real, from high-tech branded test equipment to custom made devices to fit our special project needs.

Environmental awareness

We believe that taking care of our planet is our responsibility. The greatest things start with every one of us. Our goal is to contribute to global zero carbon emission by doing what we know the best and what we love, every day.

Become our member

We are constantly hiring new people, so look at the open positions and join the team that is fighting for a better tomorrow for all of us.